Best 5 Ways To Save Gas

Best 5 Ways To Save Gas & Increase Fuel Efficiency

See the best 5 ways to save gas & increase fuel efficiency! These rules apply for any car!

1. Check The Air Pressure(PSi) Of Your Car’s Tires

Check the air pressure(PSI) of your car’s tires and make sure they are fully inflated.

If your tires are low on air pressure, the resistance & friction between the tire and the ground increases. When the resistance in between the car tire and the ground increases, the engine must work harder in order for it to move the car. The harder an engine works the more gas it will be using.

If your tires are low on air pressure, your car will work harder in order for it to get you from one place to another in comparison to its air pressure being full.

2. Remove Any Extra Weight From Your Car

The weight of your car has a direct effect on on fuel efficiency. One of the ways to save gas is by making sure not to leave extra objects in the car.

Many times we may just throw something heavy in our trunks and leave it there just because we’re too lazy to move it. Well that extra weight back there matters and were wasting gas because if it. If your car weighs 1 thousand pounds and you have an extra 200 pounds in the car, then your wasting approximately 20% more gas.

In case you have so many extra things in your car, loosen up the load and start saving fuel! Even some basic car customization can help such as replacing some car parts with more lightweight parts. Certain car parts can even be removed!

3. Drive At A Constant Speed As Much As Possible

Momentum matters while your driving and you can use it to help you save gas.

When you are driving at a constant speed you are saving gasoline. A constant speed means you are driving at the same speed, therefore you are not speeding up or slowing down. As a result of driving at a constant speed your engine does not work as hard to move the car forward. This is due to the fact that the momentum of your car is not going against your engine with as strong of a force in comparison to if the cars momentum was speeding up or slowing down.

While the car speeds up or slows down, the force of the inertia of the car is causing an opposing force. But when you are traveling at a constant speed, the momentum is aiding the engine instead of going against it, & as a result, allowing the engine to relax and use less gas.  Therefore, cars waste more gas when they slow down and speed up a lot in comparison to driving at a constant speed.

4. Use Your Car Breaks As Little As Little As Possible

Once again, momentum matters, don’t press the breaks when you don’t need too. Every time you press the break it means that now you must speed up again and your car will waste more gas when speeding up. If you don’t press the breaks more than you need to then you can drive at a constant pace while letting your engine work more relaxed, therefore saving gasoline. Just be careful and be prepared to break in case the cars in front of you decide to stop in order to prevent an accident. Contact an attorney asap in case you get into an accident.

5. Keep Your Car Oil Clean

Your cars gas mileage is directly proportional to its engine health. Keeping a cars oil clean can make differences in fuel efficiency due to the fact that engine’s run more smoothly when freshly oiled rather than sludgy & dirty.

Make sure to always get an oil change on time. You may not think of it as much, but the dirtier you keep your oil the harder your car ends up having to work, especially in the long run. When you keep your oil nice and fresh your engine works more smoothly. When your oil is dirty and your engine starts wearing out, then your engine starts wasting more gasoline because it has to work harder. If you have an old car you should consider leasing a car or buying one that’s not as old. Keep your oil clean and keep your engine in healthy condition and you will definitely save gas in the long run.


You can start saving money on gas as soon as you start implementing either of these 5 factors.


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